What Is Race Your Balls Off?

The story


 A vacation to Kelowna, BC over the August long weekend inspired the Race Your Balls Off foundation, initiated by a bet between three friends, and it all started with google maps.


Marek, Troy Dawson had started to map out the route to Kelowna using the Google Maps App, in the app, you can select a car, walking, transit or biking as your mode of transport. Seeing these options had sparked an extensive conversation between the friends if they think Dawson could complete the bike ride from Calgary to Kelowna in 37 hours as Google had predicted.


Dawson, unable to turn down a challenge had now made a bet with Marek and Troy. With further conversation and a little help from Google, the trio had realized that this was unattainable for a single person to bike for 37 hours straight. This is when Marek joined the bet, the timeline and distance were doubled, the bet was on.


At this point, Marek and Dawson decided if they were to complete such a feat, they wanted to do it for a great cause. Teaming up with the Canadian Cancer Society to raise money for testicular cancer was a natural decision, this is where Race Your Balls off was born.


Please support The Race Your Balls Off team by visiting our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages, donating on our website and using our hashtag #RaceYourBallsOff

The Bike Race Will Be June 26th, 2018



Our goal is to raise $250,000 for testicular cancer.

Any donation would be greatly appreciated. We have a long road ahead of us if we want to reach $250,000. 

We are looking for all of the support we can get. Please share this information with your friends and use our hashtag #raceyourballsoff

Our mission is to raise awareness and money for Testicular cancer research. 

Canadian Cancer Society 

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