The Race

The Race

The race will be from Calgary AB to Kelowna BC and back to Calgary AB in under 75 hours. Both Dawson MacKinnon and Marek Popin will be completing this ride to raise money and awareness for testicular cancer. 



The Reason

To raise awareness on testicular cancer and ensure our fellow bros check themselves regularly. The video provides fun steps to check your balls.

The Rules

Due to the distance and small time limit, only one person must be riding at all times. There must be no forward progress unless done on a bike. The entire race must be completed in under 75 hours. 


The Ride

The ride is a journey of 1200 km through the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Alberta and British Columbia. The race will take over a little more than three days. Dawson and Marek will be following the route that is provided by google maps and will be giving live updates and live stream the entire ride. 


Canadian Cancer Society 

  • Race Your Balls Off
  • Race Your Balls Off